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Nudist moms and daughters get together for dancing, yoga, and other workouts.

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Castle Naturism

The Teen Web Team travel by boat to a 'secret' island and explore it's ancient castle. Afterward they visit Konstantin, a life-long Naturist like the generations before him, and his talented 12 year old daughter Julia, a professional gymnast with world class talent. Julia performs rhythmic gymnastic routines, accompanied by Russian music. A dramatic and spiritually uplifting video.(Running Time: 60 minutes)

$60.00  DVD
$60.00  VHS


Carnival in Koktebel

Naturists from far and wide and of all ages gather on the beaches and in the mountains to celebrate Summer in their own special way. All manner of festivities that culminate in an untamed show of natural beauty, with painted bodies and total freedom that will leave you breathless and wishing for more. So come with us and join the many naturist families as they set off on their endless quest for adventure in this fabulous Carnival in Koktebel! (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$60.00 DVD

Fantastic Fun Time Festival

Our Ukrainian naturist friends have spent seemingly endless days of sun, sea and happiness and now they have arrived at the last days, sadly. But this does not spoil the party atmosphere, on the contrary, it adds to the vitality, and the annual Koktebel Sea Festival helps them along in this task. Once again all the freedom and joy of these naturist families and the games organized on the beach really do spell out an unforgettable Fantastic Fun-Time Festival! (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$60.00 DVD

Ballet and Jazz Class

Ballet/jazz class led by professional dancer. Elementary positions and exercise movements to music. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$60.00  DVD

Women's Water Workout

A morning of lively water exercises set to music. Overflow participants ring the pool. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$50.00  VHS

Yoga Class

Yoga, naturist-style, females only. Meditation, stretching. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$60.00  DVD

Bodywork / Touch 94

Family gym workout and trampolining followed by massage instruction and practice. (Running Time: 55 minutes)

$60.00  DVD

FKK Dance Mixer

Nudist social occasion celebrated with dancing to pop music. Lively. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$45.00  VHS


FKK Workout

Ladies enjoy a day of toning with gym equipment followed by aerobicizing. (Running Time: 70 minutes)

$60.00  DVD



Massage Class

Family Massage instruction, pool playfulness, birthday party. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$60.00  DVD


Relaxation Class

Meditation, stretching, exercises; also family portrait of naturist mom and siblings: and a visit to Velke Darko campsite. (Running Time: 50 minutes)

$50.00 VHS



Regenerace Spa

Pool high jinks, family fitness workout. Games, dancing, gym workout. Also a visit to Pasohlavky campsite; hundreds of families. (Running Time: 55 minutes)

$45.00  VHS


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